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23 May 2009 @ 12:55 am
Blinding Truths (3/4)  
Title: Blinding Truths (3/4)
Author: tenacious_err
Rating: PG
Pairing: Daniel/Vala
Summary: After a blinding flash in the gateroom Daniel and Vala are transported to a planet where they must complete a series of puzzles. Set post-Ark of Truth.

They entered the next chamber, only to find it completely empty. "Well... this is bland," Vala commented dryly. As soon as she spoke the same voice from before boomed above them.

"You are no longer needed," it said.

Daniel looked up in surprise, "who is no longer needed?"

"Daniel?" He looked over to Vala as she called his name, and watched in surprise as she flickered in and out as if she were a hologram. She took a step away from him as he balanced himself and she looked at her hands as they continued to flicker, until she began to fade more and more.

"Vala!" He called, but as she looked up at him she began to fade completely, her eyes wide with horror. "Vala!?" He rushed forward towards her, reaching out to grab her, but his hands met air as he fell forward and looked around to realize that she was gone completely.

She bolted upright in horror, "Vala? It's okay, hey doc!" She turned to see Cam at her side, and realized that she was in a hospital bed in the SGC. Dr. Lam was beside her in an instant, checking her vitals.

"How are you feeling?" The doctor asked.

Vala looked around frantically, "how'd I get here? Where's Daniel?" Then she saw him, in a bed to her side, laying as if he were asleep.

"Don't you remember?" Cam asked, "there was a flash in the gateroom and you both collapsed. You've been here for a few hours now."

"No, we were on a planet..." Vala's voice trailed off.

"It looks like she'll be fine, which is hopefully a good indicator for Dr. Jackson," Dr. Lam said with a confident nod as she wrote a few notes in the medical report at the foot of Vala's bed.

"You weren't on a planet," Cam said, "you've been here the whole time, it was probably a dream."

She turned to stare at him, "no, that's can't be right. It was all so... real."

"Colonel Mitchell is correct," she looked up and realized Teal'c had entered the room, "you have been here the entire time."

"I wasn't dreaming!" Vala said, "it must have had something to do with that flash..."

Cam shrugged, "Sam is still studying what it was, exactly, maybe she'll be able to fill you in more on the details."

Vala nodded, "Samantha will be able to figure it out. I was on a planet, with Daniel. We found a cave, which we were in until this particularly obnoxious voice said I wasn't needed anymore and just kicked me out," she huffed as she crossed her arms, and then her eyes turned towards Daniel, wondering what he was doing right now

"Where is she?" Daniel demanded, yelling to the roof of the cave .

"She is fine," the voice replied, "we have chosen to halt this test in light of new discoveries."

"Test? Discoveries? What are you talking about? What did you do to her?" In front of him a screen appeared, on it images of Earth began to flash by. His eyebrows knit together as he watched the images, first they were simply different terrains and locations. Then they began to show cities, and finally they flashed scenes of violence. Men fighting men all across the globe, people living in poverty.

"Is this your world?" The voice asked.

"Yes," Daniel replied, "who are you? How did you know that?"

"We have been studying you," the voice replied, and then the same hologram from before appeared in front of him. "We had heard of you, and we were interested in an alliance, so we took you here."

"To this planet?" Daniel questioned, everything that had happened was beginning to sink in.

"No," the voice replied, "and yes. Physically you have not left your home. Mentally we took you here... we probed your command and chose you as a representative. You then chose her."

"Chose who? Vala? I didn't choose Vala for anything," he said with a shake of his head.

"Consciously, no," the voice agreed, "but subconsciously she was the one with whom you were closest. She is the one you chose. We set up tests for you... we wanted to test your wit, and then to see your level of honesty."

Daniel raised his eyebrow, "our level of honesty?"

"Yes, we... allowed you to speak exactly what you were feeling... to see if you and we should be allied..."

"You manipulated us," Daniel said quietly, but the voice continued without commenting.

"...but while we were testing you we examined your world from your mind... this is what we found." The hologram motioned towards the screen which continued to show the violence of earth.

"We aren't all like that," Daniel argued, "that is only part of who we are."

"Too large a part," the hologram replied.

"If you're as advanced as you say, then teach us," Daniel was focused fully on the discussion now. "We are versatile, we can learn quickly."

"We will seek you out again," the hologram said, as if he was no longer even listening to Daniel. "In the future, when you are more advanced... more open. Until then we are not willing to open ourselves to you."

"At least tell me who you are," Daniel said, "what your culture is... your name, something."

"We will contact you again," the voice said, "you will know then." Daniel frowned at this, but before he could argue he noticed that his hand was starting to fade.

"Wait!" Daniel yelled, "wait!" But the second time he yelled it he bolted upright, looking around in alarm. He blinked in surprise upon finding himself in a hospital bed.

"Morning sleepy face!" He turned to see Vala by his side, and now noticed that her hand was clasped in his. Dr. Lam was by his side, checking his vitals, and then with a simple nod she informed him that he was okay.

"Sleepy head," he muttered, correcting her earth phrase. "What happened?"

"Something about an electric pulse, similar to the communication device the ancients used, blah blah. Samantha figured it out, we weren't really on a planet... you do remember that, right?"

"Yes," he nodded, "we were being tested by a culture, they decided we were too violent to form an alliance."

"They didn't even have the decency to tell me that too?" Vala frowned, "well... at least we did have some fun," her voice was chipper as she squeezed his hand.

The sound of footsteps coming closer reached them, and immediately Daniel turned from her and pulled his hand out of hers. "Hey Sam," Daniel nodded to her as she entered the room and made her way beside him.

Sam smiled down at him, "hey, how're you feeling?"

"Oh you know, got kidnapped by an alien species... same old same old," he smiled wryly at her.

"An alien species? I thought that the pulse from the gateroom might serve as some sort of communication device," as Samantha rambled on about the device and what she'd discovered Daniel listened intently. Vala tried to place her hand into Daniel's again, but he subtly moved his hand closer to the other side of his body and out of her reach as he nodded towards Sam. Vala sat quietly for a moment before, without a word, she got up and left the room.

Daniel's eyes followed her, and then he turned back to Sam who was simply staring at him curiously. He nodded to her, and then quickly got off the bed to follow Vala down the hallway. "Vala, wait," he said when he finally caught up with her. She turned towards him and he continued, "I'm sorry... for what happened in the cave."

"You're... sorry?" She asked.

"Yeah," he rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, "emotions were running high... I shouldn't have yelled... none of that should have happened."

"Right," Vala said, and just like that the walls between them were thrown up again. "Well, you weren't so bad," her voice trailed off as she winked at him. "It could have been more disappointing, I suppose... I mean, I imagine someone somewhere in this vast galaxy is a worse kisser."


"No, Daniel, I understand. Really," she shrugged, and turned away from him, walking down the hall before he even had a chance to speak. He made a light jog to catch up with her, only to turn the corner and find her nowhere in sight.

A day passed and Daniel still hadn't seen Vala. He sat in his lab with his eyes on a tablet they had recently discovered, he'd been reading the same line for the last twenty-minutes. He heard footsteps at his door, and his head jolted up expectantly. When he realized it was Sam his face dropped. "Hey," Sam nodded to him.

"Hey," he offered back, his eyes dropping back down to the tablet in front of him, "what's up?"

"I was going to ask you that," Sam replied as she took a seat next to him, "how are you doing?"

"Me?" He asked in surprise, "I'm fine, why?"

"I've been talking to Vala," Sam said quietly. He raised his head to look at her, and then with a sigh he took off his glasses and rubbed his hand over his face. "What happened?" She asked.

"We were manipulated, that alien race used us to see our level of honesty, nothing more," Daniel spat out the sentence as if he'd been practicing it all week.

Sam watched him as she spoke, "you know... sometimes manipulation just reveals deeply held feelings." She bit her lip, "she'd never admit to it, but she's hurting, Daniel."

"I saw Sha're in the cave," Daniel said quietly, "she was such a big part of my life once. I thought I'd settle down with her, have a family... then she was taken from me and I joined the SGC. When I saw her I knew she wasn't real... but it wasn't until I heard Vala that I could break away from her." Sam sighed and lightly put her hand on Daniel's shoulder to comfort him. He continued, "the next thing I saw was Vala burning. Out of all the memories I could have had, out all the things I could have seen... I saw Sha're and then I saw Vala..." his voice trailed off and Sam could see tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes. "If I just hadn't been a jackass in the cave we could have been back to normal... it was my fault... I said that us dating would have been worse than any of the things we saw."

He shook his head and let out a small laugh as he wiped his eyes. Sam smiled at him, "why don't you tell her this?"

"Tell Vala?" His voice was skeptical.

"Daniel..." Sam paused thoughtfully, "I wouldn't be here unless I thought it was absolutely necessary. You know that. You can't just leave this as it is, we all know it's eating you up inside."

"That obvious?" He asked.

"Well, you haven't told us about any ancient cultures in a week, so yes. I just want to see you happy," she smiled at him and he laughed lightly at the comment about ancient cultures. He smiled at her and then leaned over to embrace her, she smiled and hugged him back and then pulled away.

"So, you coming?"

He raised an eyebrow at her, "coming where?"

"Vala's birthday party... you forgot," the last part was a statement not a question.

"What? He put his glasses back on and looked over the calendar, "that isn't until... today. Oh."

Sam shook her head, "I wanted to pick you up, just in case, come on, we're going to a restaurant then your apartment," he nodded and after getting changed he quickly followed her to the elevator, fiddling with a small box in his hands. "Gift?" Sam asked as the elevator doors closed.

"Gift," he nodded, "Sam?"


"Thank you," he nodded with a small smile.

"Oh, I wouldn't thank me yet," Sam replied, "she is kind of... pissed off." The elevator began to move upward, and Daniel sighed.

"Hell hath no fury..." he muttered quietly, wondering if he could just skip the party and lock himself in his lab for the rest of his life.
Zoe: Vala and a magazinecaramel_monkey on May 23rd, 2009 07:35 am (UTC)
Wow. I can't wait to see how Daniel ends up getting Vala to forgive him. He's gotten himself into a huuge mess right here. And yay for Sam going to comfort Vala! S/V friendship moments are always good. :)

Oh and by the way, the link on the D/V community was wrong. It lead to 2/4 not 3/4. I just checked up on your journal to see if the chapter was actually up or not. :P
Aly: {SG1} Vala Blue thinkingtenacious_err on May 25th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
I'm glad you like it. And yeah, I adore the S/V friendship dynamic, glad to know other people like it too! :D

And thanks for letting me know, that was very much a linking fail.
purple_dolphin9purple_dolphin9 on May 23rd, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
I ran across this story yesterday, now I cant wait to see how it ends.

Oh and just so you know, the link in stargatefic community goes to 2/4 also.
Aly: {SG1} D&V ani sit in lap hearttenacious_err on May 25th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
I'm really glad that you're liking it! And thanks for letting me know. :D
Maggie: dv in your arms: by lady_nercaorbinglight on May 23rd, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
i love it :)
am curious to see how it all ends :D
Aly: {SG1} D&V ani sit in lap hearttenacious_err on May 25th, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
I'm glad you like it! :)
rac80rac80 on May 31st, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
yep daniel screwed up and like most men he knows it but doesn't have a clue how to fix it!!!!
bkwurm1: Vala and the boysbkwurm1 on June 21st, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Well, at least those pesky alien races are good for something. Boo on Daniel for rejecting the hand holding in front of a witness. Can't wait for pissed Vala. Always lots of fun!